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What is UltraStrands?
UltraStrands are the lightest hair system in the UK, created to give instant volume to fine and thinning hair. The hair system is blended with your natural hair, resulting in voluminous hair. You can wash, colour and treat your hair whilst installed. Available in a variety of custom colours, lengths and textures, the volumisers are designed to give you natural versatile results.

How is the UltraStrand Volumiser Created?
The UltraStrands volumisers are constructed individually using a very fine invisible
monofilament which is then intertwined to create a base upon which hair is added one strand at a time.

What are the benefits of the UltraStrands Volumiser?
The UltraStrands Volumisers differ from mesh hair systems and other integrated hair systems in several ways. The key differences are the following:

  • The Volumisers are blended in with your natural hair.

  • Lighter to wear - Hair on volumiser is proportionate to natural hair volume.

  • Enables a natural hairline as opposed to the ridge that can be created by closures.

  • Hair Treatments can be applied whilst installed.

  • Enables Scalp to breathe as you have direct access to your scalp.

  • Available in different sizes and densities to accommodate varying

  • degrees of fine/thinning hair.

  • Not restrictive on styling.

  • Does not require shaving of your existing hair for installation.

Is your hair fine or thinning?
There has been a sharp increase in women losing hair as a result of Covid 19, and more and more people are seeking solutions to help.  Have you heard about the latest solution for fine thinning hair? Unlike the Intralace or other mesh integration hair
systems, UltraStrands is a No Mesh Hair Integration System which means it is both light to wear and kinder to your scalp. Voted the best solution for Hair loss by female wearers. This could be the solution you have been waiting for. Created for fine/ thinning hair, alopecia and other hair loss conditions. UltraStrands is the lightest Hair integration system designed in the UK to deliver natural results. We here, at Nikita Dohertys Hair Salon based in Derry, Northern Ireland provides a range of services for individuals seeking more volume.

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