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Professional Sector

This section will be updated with content created especially for those working within the hair Extensionist industry,

helping you on your journey!

Let’s begin by introducing what I feel are the most important documents; you will need these documents in order to protect you and the client whilst also providing that extra step and professional touch to your service.

The ND Pro Package: Which includes Consultation Form, Hair Extension Maintenance and Agreement Form and a Care Guide.

The ND Pro Package

Consultation Form: This includes the most detailed consultation form, covering every aspect & contraindication that you will come up against, by asking the clients these questions, will result in a smoother service and an all-round good confident experience for us and the client. It also includes Disclaimer for Client To Sign.

Maintenance & Agreement Form: This is something I have never seen anyone offer or use but I think it is an essential part of the service to ensure the client has a clear understanding of everything that is involved and what to expect from having/wearing extensions.  On this form, the client must Sign their Initial on each instruction PLUS sign the bottom.

Care Guide: This is a must-have to give to each and every client that comes to you for extensions.

It covers all the Do’s & Don’ts, Product Advice, Washing & Drying Routine and Protecting Hair from the Sea and Chlorine. This form also includes a section for you to include any products you would recommend for that specific client and a section to write the maintenance appointment date.

Colour Matching​

Colour matching is highly important to achieve the most natural seamless look, all shades in the client’s hair must be matched. This PDF document provides you with the Dos and Don’ts of Colour Matching. It is the trickiest part of a consultation, however, with these top tips, you’ll be one step closer to perfecting the perfect colour for your client.

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